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Hyunglok Kim

Terrestrial Water Cycle
Remote Sensing
Bayesian Inference
Machine Learning
Deep Learning

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Teaching courses

Data Science Course
Big data in Earth science (2022 Spring)

All the course materials can be found here.

Module 7 (Unsupervised learning 3; Gaussian Mixture Models and Model-based Clustering)

Module 6 (Unsupervised learning 2; K-means clustering)

Module 5 (Unsupervised learning 1; Clustering Intro)

Module 4 (Supervised learning 4; Bagging Trees and Random Forest)

Module 3 (Supervised learning 3; Classification and Regression Tree (CART) Intro)

Module 2-2 (Supervised learning 2; Bias-variance Tradeoff)

Module 2-1 (Supervied learning 2; Model evaluation and ensemble models)

Module 1 (Supervised learning 1; Polynomial regression and K-Nearest Neighbors algorithm)