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Hyunglok Kim

Terrestrial Water Cycle
Remote Sensing
Bayesian Inference
Machine Learning
Deep Learning

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Data Science

  • Machine Learning (SYS6016)
  • Data Mining (SYS6018)
  • Prog & Sys for Data Science (CS5010)
  • Foundations Computer Science (CS5012)
  • Linear Models for Data Science (STAT6021)
  • Practice and App of Data Sci (DS6001)
  • Practice of Data Science II (DS6003)
  • Applied Time Series (STAT5170)
  • Ethics of Big Data I (DS6002)
  • DS Capstone Work I (DS6011)
  • DS Capstone Work II (DS6013)
  • Independent Study (DS6999)


  • Stochastic Hydrology (CE5500)
  • Hydrology (CE6230)
  • Green Infrastructure Hydrology (CE5500)
  • Hydrologic Modeling: Theory and Practice (SKKU)
  • Flow Analysis for River Systems (SKKU)
  • Statistical Hydrology (SKKU)

Remote Sensing

  • Remote Sensing for Envir Engrs (CE6500)
  • Civil Engineering Forefronts (CE6000)
  • Digital Tech & Appl Rem Sensng (GEOG 575)
  • Remote Sensing (GEOG755)
  • GIS-Based Modeling (GEOG564)
  • Landscape analysis uisng Remote Sensing (SKKU)
  • Radar Remote Sensing (SKKU)


  • Regional Tectonics (GEOL735)
  • Communications and Presentations on Water Resources (SKKU)
  • Practical Business for Global Water Industry (SKKU)
  • Introduction to Water Industry (SKKU)
  • Business Contiunity Planning (BCP) with GIS (SKKU)

Programming (Workshops)

  • Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI (UVA)
  • Introduction to Programming in Modern Fortran Workshop (UVA)
  • Satellite inspired hydrology in an uncertain future: an HSAF and HEPEX workshop
  • NOAA-NASA Satellite Meteorology Summer Workshop